Reflection & Resolution- I'll Miss You 2016.

December 30, 2016



Can you honestly believe 2016 is over?! It's hard to think its the last week of the year - where did it all go?


If I had a choice to relive it - I would. I truly have been blessed this year ; I've had a roof under my head, family, friends and an amazing boyfriend. 


I want to hit the pause button and take a sec to refelct on some things.


I rang in the new year with Justin whispering "This is going to be our year". It sure was, we were able to travel to 6 states & 1 country together.



1. Montreal, Canada: Gon' Exploring.

2. San Antonio, Texas : His first time meeting my extended family!

3. Iowa City, Iowa: Supporting Justin's brother at the Olympic trials.

4. Galena, Illinois : Relaxing weekend getaway.

5. Indiana Dunes, Indiana: Last minute road trip to see the sand dunes.

6. Michigan city, Michigan: A yolo trip to see what all the Michigan hype was all about.

7.Nashville, Tennessee : Because we wanted to fit one final trip in 2016 & who doesn't love country music. 


Not only was it our year, but it was mine too! I got to travel with my family, book an unexpected trip with my best friend as well as book a flight to see one of my other very good friends.


8. Key West, Florida : Family trip :)

9. Las Vegas, Nevada: Because who doesn't book a flight to Vegas after having a few drinks at Bar Louie.

10. Colorado Springs, Colorado: I ended up visiting Dmac a little earlier then intended, but I am not complaining.




1.Not only was I able to travel, but I was able to finally purchase this blog. Something I have been wanting for a while. 

2. I got bangs - guys it's a huge deal.

3. Began my fitness journey... we all know I hate to work out. But I am slowly finding out what I love and what I hate.

4. Was an auntie again to beautiful Enzo - watch over us baby boy.

5. Booked an even bigger trip in 2017 with my best friend.


I've also had my fair share of downs this year: Have you ever been in a turkey car accident? Safe to say I have 😑 Who would have thought a turkey would fly straight into my passenger car door. Not me. 


Watch 2016 flash by in a 4 minute video.







This year was amazing, but I am ready to run full force in 2017 and conquer my goals.


  • Further my spiritual walk with the Lord.

  • Begin playing at open mics... also dragging Justin along to be my guitarist. 

  • Continue my growth of the piano and guitar.

  • To learn more about my ethnicity- cooking mexican food as good as my mom and becoming fluent in Spanish.

  • Learn a new hobbie: Kickboxing, Salsa dancing or maybe even hip hop dancing? Who knows, I'll surprise you.

I am not sure what 2017 will have in store for me, but I am ready to make it another fabulous year!


Thanks to all my family and friends who truly made 2016 a year I won't forget.


Much love,




Valerie Angelica











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