• Valerie Angelica

Wandering London ║ Travel Guide

London, a place filled with charm around every single corner. In between the high tea, palaces and stunning restaurants. It fulfilled my every dream of this of this city!

A few helpful tips :

  • We landed in Gatwick ( 28 miles from the city) but would recommend flying into Heathrow, it's much closer!

  • There is an express train that will get you from the airport to the the city - very safe, so no need to worry.

  • The tube was our go to transportation, along with walking. In addition, we also used Uber to get to the train station in the early morning.

  • Our airbnb location in between Westminster and Pilmlico.

Day 1 : We arrived mid day and the sunset pretty early, so we didn't do too much!

  • Pret A Manager: We had this restaurant outside of our flat, so we went there for a quick bite to eat. But be careful, most restaurants you need to push the door to get in... not pull the door. ALSO, a lot of restaurants you have to step into. I unfortunately was wiggling the door trying to get in then tripped into the restaurant lol. Leave it to me!

  • Westminster Abbey: a beautiful church located in the middle of the city.

  • Big Ben: We were unable to see Big Ben since it's under construction. I guess... I'll have to go back!

  • London Eye: We saw the iconic London Eye at night and in the morning!

  • St. James Park: We swiftly went through this park - but were a little nervous since it was dark.

  • Buckingham Palace: We got to see where the royal king and queen reside, which was pretty awesome to see.

  • No 11 pimlico road: We tried finding a bar to go to, but most places were closed, thankfully we found this cute one!

Day 2 : Everything was so stunning this day ❤

  • London Eye: We had to see it in the morning while the city was bustling.

  • Farm Girl: instaaaaworthy everything - I ordered their avocado toast and butterfly matcha latte. I would highly recommend!

  • Portobello Market: One of the most famous street markets in the world. I picked a beautiful ring for myself and watch for my hubs!

  • Notting Hill: A neighborhood filled with beautiful colorful homes.

  • Kensington Palace: We went to another place of royal residence with beautiful Kensington garden.

  • Tower Bridge: Alyssa and I truly thought this was the London bridge - don't get confused because its not lol. But it's still iconic, has a lot of history and is a site to see.

  • Hyde Park: Another beautiful park to stroll through.

  • Coppa Club: This was the prettiest place to have lunch - we got to sit in an awesome igloo. I mean, how beautiful is this?! We had a view of Tower bridge, the river AND got to people watch. It didn't get much better than that!

  • Joe The Juice: To kill some time, we headed to Joe The Juice. It's actually called Joe & The Juice, but I kept saying Joe the Juice, so it will forever be that.

  • Sky Garden: A stunning skyscraper with amazing views. I thought I was in Dubai with all the surrounding buildings. ALSO, please make reservation - it's free or you'll have to wait for the open hours.

Day 3 : The perfect ending to our trip - I mean you can't go to London without going to plateform 9 3/4.

  • Bubblewrap Waffel: I have no shame in having ice cream for breakfast. It was hands down the best decision, China town for the winnnnn!

  • Carnaby St: We did some necessary shopping on Carnaby St - I stopped at Minq, I got some organic jeans and bomb boots.

  • Covent Garden: we picked a few souvenirs at Whitard of Chelsea. We had some samples of their hot coco and it was so creamy & good! This area is also really great place to see street performers.

  • Neal's Yard: A colorful hidden street filled with an overload of cuteness.

  • The British Museum: it wasn't open, but its free! If you're interested in history and mummies, I would deff head here.

  • Sketch London: All pink everything! The cutest tea room that transforms into a cocktail. I've seen their bathrooms are crazy. I would deff recommend booking a reservation, as we weren't able to get seated :/ We settled for The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel, honestly it was the closest one we could find. Everybody had reservations on Valentine's day, we didn't plan it out that well!

  • King's Cross: Any Harry Potters fans out there?! Grab a quick picture at the station.

  • Random Bar: We ended our last day in London with a bang... at some random bar 30 mins from our Airbnb. Everyone looked at us nuts, we had 5 shots each on Valentine's day and had to catch our flight the next morning. Were we nuts for doing that? (* I may have cried at the bar because I didn't want to leave and was so happy to be in London with my bestie!*)

Adorable places and spaces we didn't get to:

  • Elan cafe

  • Daisy Green

  • Peggy Porschen Cakes

  • Palms Vaults

  • Camden Market

London,was absolutely beautiful (* saying this in my head in a British accent*), it was filled with so much historic details, monuments, trendy restaurants and MOST importantly instagramable places, juuuust kidding. I would truly recommend London to anybody and everybody, people there were so friendly and welcoming! Thanks London, until next time!


Valerie Angelica