• Valerie Angelica

Trend Tuesday: The Trendiest Hand Bags

Okay, it has been FOREVER since I have done a trend Tuesday, but I am so happy to be writing one especially about bags! Who doesn't love a little accessorizing and adding more unique bags into their closet?

Thankfully, this season hand bags are the ultimate accessory! From chic fanny packs, straw and vinyl bags. I am so happy we are adding more texture and depth to our outfits!

Trendy bag List:

  • Wicker Box Bags: You know the ones that look like a mini picnic basket? They are the hottest thing in the fashion world right now.

  • Straw Bags: These continue to bloom and have success season after season.

  • Beaded Bags: How retro and cute? Here is my favorite one - click here!

  • Fanny Packs/Belt Bag: The classic fanny packs are making a come back, but if you want to try something a little more chic try a belt bag, it adds a perfect pop to any outfit.

  • Translucent Vinyl Bags: How fun?! A see through bag, some come with an opaque bag included, to have some privacy, but this is such a fun way to spice up your outfit.

  • Netted Bags: Those farmer's market bags that fit all of your produce are trending this season. You can snag one for super cheap on Amazon - here ya go!

  • Unique Handle Bags (Round, Half Moon + etc): When you need versatility to your wardrobe add a half moon or metal round handle bag to your closet. Check out mine!

My personal favorite is this knit bag with a unique handle. I snagged this from a rummage sale in my neighborhood for $1, how awesome is that?! It adds so much dimension and personality to any outfit. I paired it with my gingham print jumpsuit - this is the perfect combination between classy and sassy. This jumpsuit has a completely open back that ties into a beautiful bow in back. I am so happy with how this knit bag ties together my entire outfit! The lady that sold it to me at the rummage sale is also the owner of this cute Volkswagen! She travels to the Indian reservations to help out and also is very into politics! She was so sweet and gave me an aloe vera plant for free!!

Anywho! I hope you enjoyed the blog, life has been crazy busy with owning a new home, spending time with friends + family, acting + modeling & planning vacations! I would love to bring back trend Tuesday and also post more about the house - so stay tuned!!


Valerie Angelica