• Valerie Angelica

Adventure MKE: PRESS Alcoholic Seltzer

Anyone else obsessed with alcoholic seltzer? Especially an alcoholic seltzer company that is made from our very own Wisconsinite! Not only that, but it's a women owned company - Can I get an AMENNNN for PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer?!

I am a very picky girl but I've FINALLY found the perfect drink of choice – refreshing, low on calories, made with natural ingredients and gluten free. My favorite flavor is lime lemongrass & blackberry hibiscus! But they have many other flavors such as pomegranate ginger, grapefruit cardamom & their newest addition pear chamomile.

PRESS is the largest independent alcohol seltzer brand that sells its product in 29 states. You can find it locally at participating Pick 'n Save's , Meijers, Outpost & more. Check out their website to find the nearest store to you!

This drink is hands down my go to! Who doesn't love a beverage that is only 110 Calories, has 5 grams of sugar and 7 grams of carbohydrates? My favvvvvvvorite thing about this product is that its made with natural ingredients and glueten free!

You will find me all summer long drinking PRESS seltzer, while I drag my husband along to Picnics! I couldn't ask for a better way to cool off.

Thank you PRESS Seltzer for sending product + collaborating with me! I truly found one of my fav drinks . Thank you for making an amazing product that helps represent our city!


Valerie Angelica