• Valerie Angelica

12 Hours in Paris: Travel Guide + Diary

Bonjour & welcome back! I wanted to give you the 411 of all the pretty places and spaces we visited in Paris. This is the second time I've been to Paris, so I was pretty much a tour guide for Alyssa :P It felt so amazing to be back to a place I considered my second home! I wanted to share the low down on how much we accomplished throughout our day wondering the "city of love".

Alyssa & I woke up at the crack of dawn to got all dolled up, ordered an Uber, arrived to the London Eurostar terminal (5:40am train - ik, we're crazy), grabed some tea & coffee and caught our 2 hour train ride. It was extremely blissful - I was able to see the beautiful European sunrise and I was not complaining about the cotton candy sky.

  • Gare du Nord: We hopped off the train and were a little turned around. If you are looking to buy a day pass, its on the same floor you got off your train. A day pass cost about 13 dollars and you get to travel within zone 1 and zone 2.

  • Café de Flore: We started our morning with some delicious and rich hot chocolate at Cafe De Flore. It is one of the most popular cafes in Paris. If you have a chance to sit outside, I definitely would recommend.

  • K2 Love Lock: Next we went to the Love Lock Bridge, which isn't a love lock bridge anymore. 4 Years ago they started cleaning up the bridge and stopped allowing people to put locks on the gates.

  • Notre Dame: We skipped over this - but would recommend getting here early.

  • Louvre Museum: You can't go to Paris without visiting the Louve - its world's largest art museum and a historic monument.

  • Colonnes de Buren: Yes, we stopped to get that insta-pic on the black and white columns.

  • Tuileries Garden -This was originally on our list, but we decided to skip over it because there were no flowers in bloom.

  • Au P'tit Grec - This wasn't on our list, but we were not satisfied with the lunch and decided to visit my old stomping ground. This amazing crepe places is in the Latin Quarter and they have a wide variety of savory + sweet crepes.

  • Eiffel Tower/Trocadéro Gardens: It was like a dream, we went to the Trocadéro Gardens to see the iconic Eiffel Tower. Then, walked right under it! They now have a glass barrier around the entire thing, you can no longer just walk right under. You need to go through to security - but at least it's still free!

  • Arc De Trump: We hopped on a train and viewed this beauty!

  • Montmartre: Just in the nick of time we visited my favorite place in Paris! There is something so holy and beautiful about watching the sunset over Paris. I would recommend bringing some wine and bread. We totally forgot!

  • Moulin Rouge: The red light district is as crazy as you think and make sure to arrive to the Moulin Rouge early. The line was ginormous!

  • Gare du Nord: We got done early and headed back to catch the train before the lines started forming.

12 hours in Paris is just enough time to swing by all of the most monumental & iconic places. It was super easy to navigate the metro and speak to all the people we encountered. The only thing I would watch out for is creepy men by Montmarte. Other than that - enjoy the delicious crepes, stunning Eiffel Tower and delcious hot coco!

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