• Valerie Angelica

How to Style 4 Hat's Into Your Wardrobe

OKAY, WOAHH. It has been soooo long since I've written a fashion post, but I am so thrilled to be back on the bandwagon. One of my latest obsession the past few months has been hats, which is abnormal for me. I've never been a "hat gal", but I have recently discovered how they can spice up any outfit. From beret's, cabby hats and fedora's. There are so many endless ways to style these key pieces into your wardrobe or everyday look. I bought all of these hats in neutral colors, this way I can wear it with almost anything. These hats are super transitional into all season - spring, summer, winter or fall.

1. Camel Fedora

This has to be one of my ALL time favorites and was less than $20, thanks Amazon! This accessory gave my outfit the perfect pop to my boho chic look.

2. Brown Faux Leather Cabby Hat

I waited a while to purchase one of these hats, at first I was not completely sold on the look. But after I ordered the first one from Amazon, I got another one on sale at H & M #WhataSteal. I truly believe these hats bring an outfit to the next level.

3.Black Cabby Hat

I found this pretty military style hat at H & M a few months ago, the versatility and aesthetic is perfect for any look. I paired this hat with my camo skirt, which ironically Justin picked out for me at Target a few weeks ago!

4. Beret

I've always thought berets were so adorable, but never bought one until earlier this year. And I am so happy I did. It was the perfect piece to take to Europe or wear on a cold winter day.

If you're looking to enhance your wardrobe or want to try something new - I would defiantly recommend giving a few of these hats a try. They are truly timeless pieces that add so much texture to an outfit.



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