• Valerie Angelica

Travel Diary - Carnival Cruise

Have you been on a cruise? We opted for the no wifi and cell phone service package! I couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon!

It was our first time and personally I was super anxious. I didn't know how my body would react to being on a boat for a week straight! It's safe to say - everything went well! Let's talk about how I prepared and what I brought along, as well as the excursions we did.

Boarding Process

  • The boarding process went so smoothly, I was expecting long wait times like the airport - but we got dropped off at the port, gave a carnival cruise worker our luggage and went along our marry way.

  • Keep your passport and ticket out, they check it MULTIPLE times.

  • PS, arrive at the time listed on your ticket, not any earlier - you'll have to wait to get into your rooms. It's not worth it! Please take this advice!

Arriving on the Ship

  • While waiting for your room to be ready, go explore the ship a little - aka head to the buffet bar OR head to the Litto deck and get some sun!

  • Every section of the ship will have a designated time for your room to be ready. I would recommend waiting until after that time, everyone and their mother's are jammed packed into the hall ways until they open the doors.

Things to Do On the Ship

There is SO much to do on a cruise, things for family, couples and singles! The steward brings a list of the activities each day, but I would just download the app - its was awesome to have.

  • Tanning on the deck

  • Mini Golfing

  • Basketball

  • Spa

  • Karaoke

  • Gambling

  • Clubs

  • Piano Bars

  • Competition

  • Bingo

  • Drinking - yay!

  • Out door movie nights

  • Game shows

  • Swimming + Jacuzzi

  • Comedy shows

  • So much more!

Some of our favorite things to do were: sun bathing, movie nights, the love + marriage show and taking advantages of the all you can eat ice cream machine.

Things To Bring:

Here are a few things that you might not think to bring, but are crucial:

  • Re-usable bottle

  • Land yards for your ship cards

  • Towel Clips

  • Waterproof Phone Case

  • Fanny Pack or Back Pack (Big enough to fit two beach towels!)

  • Magnets - to hang notes for the stewardess

  • Bug Spray

  • Beach towels - if you easily forget things... I wouldn't use the cruises beach towels, because if you loose it, you'll have to pay $20 per towel :0 I know!

  • Sea Sick band

  • Power Strip - your room only has two outlets!

  • Lysol Wipes - I wanted to whip down door knobs and counters before we used them!

Carnival 7 Western Caribbean Itinerary

Saturday: Miami FL

  • We boarded the ship + got settled in.

  • Justin + I were adjusting to life on the boat - both of our heads felt very "airy" aka it felt like we were descending from an airplane.

Sunday: Sea Day

  • Explored the ship + got lost on the ship.

  • Swam + Tanned.

  • Looked for all the free alcohol on ship (#BougieOnABudget)

Monday: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

  • So, our snorkeling got canceled - so we slept in, ate lunch and took a small boat to the island.

  • We walked around the island "thinking" there would be a beach in walking distance, noppppe - we were wrong. A local advise us of a beach called "Seven Mile" beach, so we hopped on a local bus and went there.

  • Seven Mile Beach: the water was insanely blue and gorgeous, this was one of my favorite days on all of the islands we went to. I wish we would've woken up earlier and stayed longer!

Tuesday: Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan

  • Visited their near by beach.

  • Got a quick margarita while waiting for our excursion to start.

  • Got on a bus to Gumbalimba Park to play with some white faced monkeys and hung out with some macaws.

Wednesday: Belize, Belize City

  • Took a hour and half tour to Jaguar Paw Jungle Camp for a Cave tubing excursion.

  • Ate some delicious Belizan chicken stew, rice and beans.

  • Went back to the port and found a local bar for some tasty rum drinks.

Thursday: Cozumel, Mexico

  • Walked the port.

  • Took a bus to our excursion, which was snorkeling. It was my first time snorkeling ( In rough waves might I add) and I am not the strongest swimmer, so I nervous. But I survived, thanks to my hubbay! So happy he prevented me from running straight into a jellyfish.

  • Tequila tasting.

  • Had a couple drinks at the port.

Friday: Sea Day

  • Tanning

  • Comedy show

  • Piano Show

  • Love + Marriage Show

Saturday: Miami, FL

  • See ya Carnival

  • Arrived at 8 am.

All in all, the cruise was a complete change of scenery and pace for us; if you know me than you know I am always on the go. On a cruise, there is only so much you can do and plan, so we actually relaxed. I would 100% recommend a cruise and I do plan on booking another in the near future. It was so nice to not have wifi or data and to just be present in the moment!