• Valerie Angelica

Travel Guide + Diary: Hola, Miami!

It's been a month since I was back in Miami and boy do I miss it! It is actually one of my favorite cities... ever. I was so thrilled to fly into Miami to catch our cruise. It was Justin's first time there and I wanted to convince him to move there with me in the future! I mean what isn't there to love about Miami?!


We got into town late, so we dropped our luggage off at our Airbnb and got ready to hit the town!

  • Cayo Taco: Our first stop was tacos and margs! It hit the spot after a long day of traveling. If you go there, you need to try the blood orange margarita!

  • Wynwood Wall Stroll: The atmosphere at night is so lively! I definitely recommend walking around and listening to the live music on the street.

  • Basement Miami: Such a cute place with a bowling ally, small dance area, skating rink - yes, I said skating rink! and access to a beach. Just be ready to spend some money! The drinks are pretty expensive, but what can you expect in Miami, right!?! (Although, I would truthfully skip over this one)


After being out late the night before we still managed to get up earlier and get our day started!

  • Vezcaya Museum: This former mansion, is STUNNING. From the ocean views, beautiful gardens and sunken ship statue. This is a must see!

  • Old Havana/ Calle Ocho: Its filled with a bunch of stores, restaurants and cigar places. Don't miss out on this one either!

  • Old Havana Bar Cocina: one word: MOJITOS! They are so delicious and totally hit the spot. Justin ordered the Cuban sandwich and I ordered Roja Vega, which was so dang good. The price point was awesome for the amazing food we got.

  • Domino Park: A quick pit stop to watch a traditional game of domino's.

  • Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co: A place to buy and watch workers make handcrafted Cuban-style cigars. The owner was so friendly, helpful and wanted to show off the family history of his place.

  • Azucar Ice Cream Company: The best way to cool down is with delicious ice cream or sorbet.

  • La Colada Gourmet: We couldn't leave little Havana without trying Cuban coffee. I don't drink caffeine, so this one was all for Justin!

  • Mango: Restaurant by day and club by night. This club is filled with fun music and Latin dancers. There is also another smaller club within it!


Woke up early, packed our bags up and got ready for our cruise.

  • La Sandwicherie: We needed to grab a quick bite to eat before we cruised off into the sunset, so we went to Brickell and found a cute little sandwich place.

  • Cruise: 7 day western Caribbean cruise - we went to Honduras, Belize, Grand Cayman, Cozumel.


We hopped off the boat, went to our last AirBnB from the week prior (we left our jackets in the closet - whoops!) then dropped off our suitcase at the current AirBnB we rented out for the weekend.

  • Wynwood Wall: We walked to the Wynwood Walls, at that point Justin had not seen it during the day. We walked around and admired the beautiful artwork!

  • Planet Future: How cool is this place? The outside is all real plants. I would recommend to take a look at this place!

  • The Taco Stand: We went here off the whim & we were super impressed. I would pick The Taco Stand over Cayo Taco any day! Their corn and tacos were delish!

  • Holocaust Memorial: What a beautiful monument and free, it discussed the struggles the jews went through.

  • Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha: This place reminded me of Holy Matcha in San Diego, it was too cute to pass up. Plus their Matcha lemonade is life!

  • Ocean Drive: We walked along the boulevard and admired the beautiful retro architecture... as well as the famous Versace mansion.

  • South Beach: How else would we end our vacation? by watching the sunset on the beach.


See ya Miami!

Here are a few things we didn't get to:


Española Way

Miami Design District

Los Pinaderos Fruteria



Area 31

The broken shaker

1 Hotel South Beach