• Valerie Angelica

Adventure Mke: Anthony Vince - Mayfair Collection

With Christmas coming around the corner, you'll most likely want to get your nails done or are in need of a perfect gift for one of your family members. I have you covered!

Earlier this month, I was able to collab with Anthony Vince Salon, they are a ...

"premiere nail care destination founded in 2004. Under visionary leadership the salon has grown from 1 location to more than 50 locations across the country. At Anthony Vince’ Nail Spa we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and beauty... Relax in our luxurious spa pedicure chairs and complete your nail care service under our signature blue sky. All services are performed by our highly trained and licensed staff. We are focused on being the best in the industry and provide our clients the most up to date services using professional nail care lines."

I first hand experienced their amazing service a few days before my wedding. Their interior was stunning, especially their signature blue sky...I mean how dreamy is this? I've never been to a nail salon like it.

Not to mention, they have a full bar included, try their #Vigneto sweet red wine, I'm addicted now.

Anthony Vince is the perfect place for a girls night, bachelorette party or getting your nails done before your wedding.

They have such a wide variety of colors and their service was superb. I have gone to plenty of nail salons where conversations have been very dull - but the AV nail specialists were so warm and welcoming. They all seemed so passionate about working for Anthony Vince. Customer service is a huge win for me, especially in an age where everything is online. So, thank you Anthony Vince Salon for making my experience so amazing. You have earned another loyal customer!

(P.S, check out how great my nails turned out above!!)