• Valerie Angelica

Adventure MKE : Fashion Angels

Sequins, color galore, DIY's and tons of beauty products! It's safe to say my inner 8 year old was freaking out! Who am I kidding, I was freaking out regardless - I was in awe of all the fun products provided by Fashion Angels.

Fashion Angel's mission is, "to empower tween girls to become confident and stylish young women by providing them with experiences that encourage them to believe in themselves, express themselves and to be happy and proud of what they can do." I mean, how amazing is that? It really resonates with me since I have a little sister who’s five years old, so to hear a mission that empowers children to be confident & expressive in themselves is beautiful.

I am so proud to have a company like Fashion Angels in Milwaukee - can you believe they have been located here since the 1990's? They started making activity kits for tween girls and in late 2017 they began their journey with Walgreen's. Fashion Angels started to collaborate with Walgreen's to create three exclusive lines of beauty and bath products, with their last launch in August.

Their company is truly amazing - you're able to pick between an endless amount of kits, such as - a DIY bath bomb kit, scarf kit, bracelet kit and more. It's the perfect product to spend time with your sister, daughter or favorite niece. Its the perfect present that keeps kids off their phones, tablets and helps them stay engaged!

Here are a few of the things they have for children (Picturing a VERY excited little sister)

Sofia's favorites are:

  • The sequined back pack

  • DIY 3D sticker ( HER FAV)

Here are some of the products I received as a gift for the launch of their Walgreen collaborations!

(Relaxing Crystal Quartz, Magic sequin pouch,Mask set, Bath set and more!)

I absolutely loved the packaging and the theme - everything matched so perfectly! I am so excited to use these products - YAY for a night of relaxation!!


You can check them out on their website or swing by their pop-up shops at Learning Express in Brookfield Square.

They also hold a tween council a couple times a year which consist of inviting young girls to test their upcoming products. Keep an eye on their website and social media sites!

Sofia and I had so much fun visiting their show room, everything was an absolute dream - especially the sequin elevator!! We appreciate your hospitality and collaborations - so proud to have a business like yours representing MKE. Thank you for being apart of the ADVENTURE MKE series.