• Valerie Angelica

Adventure MKE Series

If you know me - than you know I thrive on adventure, whether it’s in my own town, state, or different countries. There is something beautiful about visiting new places and spaces - it keeps you humble, thankful and grateful. I urge those wanting more adventure, or homebodies, to step outside your comfort zone, head to downtown Milwaukee or any of the neighboring cities, there is SO much to explore.

With that being said, I thought I would keep all my followers up to date with the coolest places within Milwaukee and its surrounding cities. This new blog series will give you insight into what Milwaukee has to offer - which is A LOT. If you haven't heard, Vogue nominated Milwaukee as one of the coolest & most underrated cities in the Midwest - check out the article. Amen!!

The ultimate purpose of the series is to showcase how amazing our city really is. I will visit restaurants, events, thrift shops, farmer’s markets, gyms, boutiques and more. As noted, I wanted to share the surrounding cities near Milwaukee to give versatility and depth - Brookfield, Wauwatosa & etc. As in any city, there is constant growth and change within our community, but there is also a lot of history and depth waiting to be seen. Wisconsin is truly unique and has so much to offer. I hope you can tag along this journey as I venture the city that I call my home.

Stay tuned,