• Valerie Angelica

WEDDING 101: Bride to Be - Money Saving Tips & More

We all want that fairytale wedding, it's most girls dreams, but with wedding prices rising every year its hard to have the perfect wedding on a budget. I wanted to share a few tips I've learned along the way to help my present and future brides to be.


1. 2 Year Engagement: A lot of ladies want to get married within a year of getting engaged, but to be honest... I'm loving our two year engagement. We actually have the time to enjoy this joyful period of time and not worry about wedding planning 24/7. Talk with your fiance about a long engagement, this will be SO helpful in the long run. This will also allow you to scope out the best prices for vendors, flowers and more. I highly recommend :)


1. Artificial flowers: If you are really looking to save money, I would suggest using fake flowers. Especially silk flowers as they look the most realistic.

Below are a few recommendations for artificial flowers.

2. Costco/Sam's Club Flowers: There is something about real flowers that make a wedding a little more magical, but the price that some floral boutiques charge you is insane. Fortunately, Costco/Sam's offers a bulk deal, check it out!

3. Farmer's Market: Buying farmer's market flowers a few days before the wedding is the trendy thing to do! Check out your local farmers market.

4. Non-Flowers: Who said that you need real or artificial flowers? You can totally make your own with music sheets, tissue paper or even coffee filters. Check out Pinterest!


1. DIY Cake: Are you or one of your family members good at making cakes? Do a few trial runs & you will be good to go!

2. Sam's Club: Sam's Club offers some "sweet" deals on one tier, two tier or three tier... check out their cupcakes too!


1. Off season pricing: If your wedding is during the off season, then you are in luck. Ask the photographers you are working with for their off season pricing.

2. Black Friday Deals/End of the Year: I saw a-lot of photographers offering amazing deals around black Friday and at the end of the year. Ask your photographer if they are planning of these deals!

3. Meet your photographer: Make sure to meet your photographer before you book them, it allows you to get to know their personality and style. I've heard some people have horror stories because they didn't.

4. Newbie Photographer: Write a post on your local university's Facebook pages, you could find an amazing photographer on a low budget.

5. Happy Takes Photography: I worked with Happy Takes Photography for my engagement photoshoot and she did an absolutely amazing job. I can't wait to work with her again for my November wedding.


1. Re-sell Wedding Page: Let's be eco-friendly and recycle all of the amazing handmade wedding decor. Please check out the below Facebook page before you buy something new, you might be able to find that special something for half the price.

2. Youtube/DIY: If you are crafty, than YouTube your dream decor & take a stab at it.

3. Decor to keep: Find decor that you know you can use in your current home & bring it to your wedding for a personal touch.


1. Friends/Family: Find recommendations from past brides or ask your friend who's make up is always on fleek, to be apart of your special day.


1. Think outside the box, those venues will always be cheaper

- University Hall

- Airbnb

- Restaurant

- Courthouse

- State Parks

2. Find a venue that allows you to choose YOUR caterer, its your big day.


1.Sit down vs. Buffet: If you want to save money, than don't waste it on a sit down dinner. Most guest will not remember weather they were served or not. This day is about celebrating your love as a couple.

2. Drop Off: If you are looking to save even more money, ask your caterer for their drop off option. You'll have to buy your own chaffers, but the cost of those will most likely be cheaper. AND you'll get to use them for your future parties!

Wedding Dress

1. Trunk Shows: What's a trunk show? It's a special event at which a wedding dress designer (or representative from the company) visits a bridal boutique on a set day with his or her entire line of new dresses. You can try on wedding dresses that JUST came off the runway & also score a sick deal.

2. End of the Year Sales: Make sure you are following all of your favorite bridal salons and keep an eye out for their year end sales. Most bridal salons need to make room for new merchandise, which is great for you!

3. Prom Dresses/ Ball Gowns: We all know wedding dresses are WAY overpriced, so go online & check out white gowns for a fraction of the price. Here are recommendations:

4. Consignment shops: I knew a-lot of girls who have rushed into buying their wedding dress and are now selling at consignment shops. I've never been to any, so search a few in your area!

5. Re-sell pages: Check out the previous resell page, I mentioned - I've seen a-lot of beautiful dreses posted.


1. Amazon: $700 dollars for a veil? No thanks, check out Amazon - they have some beautiful deals.

2. DIY: If you have a knack for sewing and crafting, head to your local craft store & make your own unique wedding veil.

3. Etsy: Who doesn't love Etsy, support small business.


1. Sam's & Costco: Buying in bulk is always cheaper, check out some of their alcohol - you don't need a membership to buy liquor here.


1. DIY: If you artsy & have adobe than try making your own invites.

2. Buy local: check out, Love Birds: Details & Designs for invites and more.

Sorry for the lengthy blog, but hopefully this helps all my brides!