• Valerie Angelica

Cheers To This Year: 2017 Reflection + 2018 Goals

What a beautiful year it has been, where do I even begin?!

At the end of EVERY year I say " This has been hands-down one of the best years" But honestly, 2017 takes the trophy. I was blessed with amazing memories with my friends, family and my brand new fiance. I highly recommend everyone to take a moment and reflect on their year, whether its the highs or lows. Every situation has blessing, so try to find that and make some goals!

2017 Reflection

  • I am an engaged lady & we are planning our #FallsFairytale Wedding for next November.

  • Traveled to Barcelona, Amsterdam , Brussels , Galena, New York, Dubuque, Myrtle Beach, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs and Chicago.

  • Justin and I moved into our first apartment together ❤

  • Met some pretty amazing Milwaukee bloggers, check out their instagrams: bordeauxblvd, jomariemke, what.riva.wore, stylebrooke, organicallybecca, pamelakieck, laurenhenesy, and samihabmuna.

  • My best friend and I started an annually girls trip.

  • I was able to collaborate with some pretty sweet people and brands.

I have learned that you are the sole person in charge of your life, if you want something , than you need to have the motivation & commitment to achieve that goal. You have to stay consistence at your goal and you will see results from that hard work.

2018 Goals

  • Continue my passion of traveling, so far we have our Disney World and New Orlean trip booked. We are still contemplating our honeymoon - please let us know if you have any recommendations!

  • Find more balance between work, blogging, friends and family... oh & wedding planning!

  • Become more minimalistic, I want to get rid of a lot of things that I don't need and surround myself with only the things I love.

  • Get back to cooking at home more & continue to learn my moms cooking.

  • Work out regularly.

  • Be one of those people who carries a water bottle around everywhere. I am awful at drinking water!

  • Add music to my instagram outlet.

  • Collaborate more with locals.

Need a little help with setting goals? Use the below as reference, its a great start! And remember your goals don't have to be huge, start small!