• Valerie Angelica

Trend Tuesday: Sweater Weather

Who else has been cozied up in warm sweaters this past month? ✋

I'm always cold, so I've been living in sweaters and turtlenecks - thank you Wisconsin winter. I was lucky enough to snag this grey fringe sweater from a local thrift store and have been wearing it like crazy. There are a few other sweaters and outerwear pieces I have been loving, but first... check out this gem I found at the thrift store, before we begin the talking about the hottest trend.

When people think "sweater," their mindset goes to the typical crewneck knit or woven style, but fashion has discovered new ways to make that typical sweater, fashion forward or brought back what we wore as a child. Anyone else remember their mom buying them chenille sweaters? Being a 90's baby is the best. Here are a few trends that I have been loving this season! Get out of your comfort zone & give one a try if you haven't already.

1. Ruffle Sweaters: spice up your wardrobe with a little ruffle flare.

2. Fuzzy Sweaters: Stay cozy this winter in any fuzzy sweater, I recommend checking out Forever 21

3. Chenille Sweaters: Throwin' it back to the Chenille fabric - how cute are these?

4. Lace Up Sweaters: Feeling a little sassy? Grab a lace up sweater to add some detail to your wardrobe.

5. Trumpet Sweaters: Want to be chic and fashion forward? Buy a trumpet sweater for a easy go to look.


Valerie Angelica