• Valerie Angelica

Our Love Story + How He Asked

How We Met:

I didn't plan on falling in love with the boy I met the summer of twenty thirteen, but it happened so unexpectedly & I couldn't be anymore thrilled.

Let's start at the beginning, it all began at Justin's college house in Milwaukee, where a mutual friend introduced us at the beginning of junior year. At that time, I was beyond giddy from all of his cuteness and his sweet personality. But instead of starting a relationship we started a strong friendship and an amazing bond. Justin was alway's the one walking me to parties, making sure I was comfortable and if I accidentally fell asleep on his couch - I would wake up to a pillow beneath by head & a warm blanket wrapped around me.

Justin was by far one of the easiest, most out going and kind hearted people I have met and that is why I unexpectedly fell for him. I always wanted a man with all of those traits - but didn't want to risk the friendship I had with him, he was truly my best friend & I never wanted to ruin that. That is why a whole year passed before he finally kissed me and neither one of us knew how much of an impact that night would make (#WeAreEngaged- hollllaaa).

I am so blessed for that whole year he stood by my side, listened to all of my drama and became the leaning shoulder I always needed. I firmly believe that starting a relationship off a strong friendship is the most magical love, they already know part of your heart, your fears, how crazy you are and are not scared of holding your hair when you have had a long night partying with him. Find someone who loves your personality undeniably, cherishes and appreciate you for all you are and all that you will become ❤

(Scroll down to hear about our proposal)

A huge shout out to my girl DMAC, for traveling to the Great Sand dunes so she could take these beautiful photos, you are an amazing photographer & I wouldn't have wanted to combat the raging sand storm with anyone else ❤ Thank you for everything - love you so much!

Our proposal Story:

After several days of exploring the historic parliament architecture of Belgium and being mesmerized by the beautiful canals of Amsterdam we found ourselves at another airport trying to catch our flight to Spain. We were forced to step aside as they needed to check Justin's bag before we boarded the plane to Barcelona. At that point I had no clue how worried he was as they rummaged through his bag that had my engagement ring stuffed inside a sock with a note saying "please be discrete, there is a engagement ring inside" He was totally prepared for a scenario like we were in and I am beyond impressed that I was still unaware of what was about to happen in Barcelona.

We explored the city of Barcelona for a few days, sipped on wonderful cava sangria and enjoyed the local culture. Justin carried around my engagement ring for two days trying to figure the perfect place to propose. He finally decided on the second day of carrying my engagement ring inside his leather jacket that Parc Guell would be the place he got down on one knee.

That morning we got ready, made our coffee and tea, grabbed our granola bars & hopped on the local bus that took us to the most breathtaking mosaic monument - Park Guell. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day as we explored the park, we made it to the main entrance and walked up the steps, took a few pictures, before we found an empty balcony overlooking the city. He was looking down at me and told me he loved me before I realized his shaking voice and unsteady hands. All that I can remember from that moment was saying "OH NO, ITS HAPPENING" and catching small snippets of Justin saying he wants to continue our adventures for the rest our lives. I was honestly shocked and thrilled to be his future Mrs, which is why I screamed at him "OHMYGOD, YES OF COURSE".

The remainder of the day was true perfection, we continued our exploration of Parc Guell, listened to a beautiful singer playing the an acoustic guitar before we jumped backed on the bus & decided to celebrate at the beach by the Mediterranean sea - that day was complete bliss.. Thank you to Justin for planning a fairytale proposal and my parents for keeping their knowledge of a soon to be proposal. I still look at my ring with awe and still can't believe I will be spending my life with the sweetest man in the world.

Cheers to 365 days until we become husband and wife 🍾 #TheFallsFairytale

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