• Valerie Angelica

Lipstick Lover: BH Cosmetics

I rarely go a day without lipstick, it's my holy grail & my biggest obsession. I've tried plenty of lipstick brands and always find my way back to BH Cosmetics! My love for the BH Matte Lipstick is unreal - Its long lasting formula stays on through my entire workday and girls night out.

The past few years I have been wearing BH & ALWAYS have it in stock, especially with their online deals, who can go wrong with an amazing liquid matte lipstick for $8.99??!! I highly recommend this brand as their prices are low, their colors are bold & pigmented. Recently BH released a BH Matte Lip Kit, which consist of a matte lip stick & a matching lipliner - mind blown, right?? It's always so hard to find the perfect lip pencil shade to match your lipstick. I haven't tried it yet - but currently have it in my shopping cart. Here are a few of my favorite matte lipsticks:

My personal favorite is glory - a vivid red.

Lust for a sassy dark look:

Endora for when I want to keep it timeless & natural:

I recently bought their lipgloss & lux liquor. I am beyond impressed with their lux liquor - its very moisturizing & durable.

What's your favorite Lipstick brand??