• Valerie Angelica

Wanderlust Heart: How to Travel Young & Why You Should Do It.

A lot of people ask "How are you traveling so much & why now?"

A little backstory to why I have been consumed by wanderlust:

It all started with my study abroad trip to Paris & Belgium in 2015 ❤ That is where my true passion began and ever since then I've been on the go, eager to find my next destination.

Why travel now?

I truly believe & encourage everyone to see the world while they're young, it completely changes your perspective, and makes you appreciative. As an"adult" in your 20's, you are still able to handle walking 10-15 miles a day (Instead of taking a Taxi), eating crappy food when your limited with money, staying in noisy hostels, and handling being jet legged without missing a whole day of seeing the city. So get out of your comfort zone, book a trip into the unknown - whether you know the language or not. Dive into & embrace new cultures, you only have one life to live, so do most of it while your young!

Here is a little list of how I am able to travel, hope it helps:

1. Save, Save & Save

  • Learn to save your money - cut back on Starbucks and those weekend drinks. Every penny counts, you will be stunned on how much you can save by cutting back. It's also helpful to write down your expenses & see where you can reduce.

2. Snagging A Part-Time Job

  • I always hear "but I love my weekends" But don't you think you'll love it even more on a beach with a margarita in your hand? Find a part-time job that allows you to work a few hours a month & set it aside in your travel jar. It will add up quicker than you think!

3. Skyscanner

  • Last year I learned about a helpful tool called Skyscanner; a travel site that searches all airlines & narrows down destination according to your price range. It's super user friendly! Just type in where you're leaving from, destination (I always click everywhere- be spontaneous ), and the cheapest month.

4. Airlines

  • Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith & buy tickets with the cheaper air lines (Spirit, Ryanair & etc ). I took Spirit airlines to Myrtle Beach & was very reluctant, especially after reading their ratings. Surprisingly, I had no issues - my plane arrived and landed at the correct time. But always remember airlines that are cheaper will charge you for air plane food, and extra bagging, so always bring the minimum.

5. AirBnB, Hostels or Cheap Hotels

  • Book your hotels and AirBnB WAY ahead of time - this will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Find a place that offers continental breakfast, as well as a refrigerator and microwave. These are the essentials to bullet point #6.

6. Cook Food At Your Hotel

  • If you are strapped for money, then go to your nearest grocery store and buy easy meals. Indulge in appetizers or spilt a meal when your trotting around down town, this way you can still taste the local cuisine but at a great price.

7. Student Discounts

  • If you’re still in college or under the age of 25, you probably qualify for a number of youth rates for travel discounts at museums, attractions and restaurants.

Happy traveling - Hope this is helpful!