• Valerie Angelica

Adventures in Barcelona

Barcelona, a captivating city near the Mediterranean with Catalan seafood, vibrant architecture, sangria and mountains that will leave you stunned. We spent five days indulging in one of the most magical cities we've traveled thus far. Book your ticket and get ready for some of the best memories of your life, you wont regret it.

Here is a Barcelona to-do list and a little advice to assist in your adventure abroad!

We arrived to Baracelona and were greeted by spring weather & palm trees!

  1. Sangrada Familia: This breathtaking Roman Catholic church was designed by the one and only Antoni Gaudí. A well known architect that designed most of the famous monuments in Barcelona. The construction of the Basilica started in 1882 and is currently in the process of being completed in 2026. I recommend buying tickets in advance, as well as getting there as soon as the doors open. This will make life a little easier :)

  1. Port Vell: The yahts by the Port were crazy insane and you better bet Justin and I were admiring each one with a fresh scoop of raspberry gelato in hand.

  1. Barcelona Beach: It's true what you hear about Barcelona's beaches...being nude is completely normal. Other than that, the views and sounds of the Mediterranean were so soothing and calming. But also be aware you will face a lot of solicitors selling mojitos and blankets... every five seconds. It's best to just lay down and relax & they'll leave you alone.

  1. Casa Batllo: A quick pit stop to view the gorgeous casa Batllo, another piece of artwork by Gaudi. The color palette and architecture is to die for! Justin and I decided to skip out on the museum, but the museum ratings are 4.5.

  2. Gothic Quarter: What a breathtaking experience it is to be taken back to the Roman heritage, it's like stepping into a different era in time. Be ready to be get lost in the maze of narrow streets filled with restaurants, souvenir shops and more.

  3. Barcelona Cathedral: You will also find this exquisite cathedral in the Gothic quarter. Please take the time to also walk around the inside & outside of the church. The best time to go is Sundays at noon when the Sardana dancers perform their traditional dance symbolizing unity.

  1. Magic Fountain of Montjuïc: Take a beautiful night stroll & watch the fountain night show. Click the here for times and days the show is available.

  2. Las Rambles: Become one with the crowd and find an array of fun boutiques and souvenir shops. Also note that most souvenir owners will hassle you and watch all tourists like a hawk.

  3. La Boqueria: Holy deliciousness! There were so many scrumptious fruits, candies, burritos and fresh juices.

  1. Arc de Triomf: What a beautiful place to relax, soak up the sun & admire all of the performances.

  1. Montjuic Castle: All I can say is views. This is an old military fortress that stood tall as Spain's last line of defense against intruders. It was not only gorgeous, but also very educational.

12. Park Guell: I saved the best for last ❤ The historic place where I was proposed to. This place offers the best of both worlds, stunning mosaics, a mountain range to explore, and beautiful music at every corner. This is hands down the best place in Barcelona and I highly recommend visiting it. I could've sat there for days exploring & gawking at the mosaics. As per the usual, get there when the park opens as it get's extremely packed by the minute.

Check out our adventure video:

Things to Know About Barcelona:

  • Barcelona Travel Pass: I highly recommend getting either an all exclusive metro card or a Barcelona card. It was so useful! We used the metro & bus to get everywhere in Spain. You will also get to feel more of the culture and view the city scape in a different point of perspective. Not to mention, its way cheaper than a taxi! Click here for the travel pass!

  • Spain is known to be as one of the top most pick pocket places in the world. But Justin and I had no experience with this nor did we see it happen. We felt completely safe walking around Barcelona at night and the people were very nice! The only down fall to Espana was the food. Unfortunately I am not a huge sea food fan, so it was hard to enjoy any of the food.

  • The two foods I recommend to try are patatas bravas & paella. Both are extremely amazing & traditional to Spain!

  • Save most of your touristy activities for Sunday, as most places are closed.

  • Frenshen up on your Espanol, it will come in handy!

All in all, Spain was insanely gorgeous and I would move there in a heart beat. The people, views and monuments will never be forgotten. It will hold a special place in mi Corazon.

Until next time Spain!