• Valerie Angelica

Valentine's Day: Date Suggestions!

It's February, the month of Romance ❤ And if you know me than, you should know I am a hopeless romantic & love everyday of this month!

I thought I could recommend some fun dates for you and your love.

1. Ice Castle, Wisconsin Dells: I would highly recommend seeing this captivating artwork. They hand build the entire thing, grow icicles and place them strategically to create the master piece they call the Ice Castle. The Ice Castle also only select a number of locations each year, thankfully they chose Wisconsin along with 4 other states. Dress warm & prepare to be amazed by the beauty!

Online Price: $ 9.95

(Click on the title to be directed to their website)

2. St. Paul Seafood, Milwaukee - Ice Bar: If you are interested in something like the Ice castle, but don't want to travel those couple hours, then this Ice bar is designed for you. They offer warm drinks, blankets and an outdoor heater . You can also venture into the Public market & try gourmet chocolates afterwards.

Drink ranges from $7.00-$12.00

3. Skateland, Cedurburg: If you want to feel like a kid again, than you HAVE to go to skate land. I took Justin to skate land last week for a surprise date. And we literally had a blast reliving in the past.

Price: Unlimited Pizza, Soda & Slush $9 admission : $3 Skate Rental. Prices differ every day.

4. Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee: The Art Museum is a classic date night. And I recommend getting there a little early to sit down , talk and enjoy a cup of joe before you view the beautiful pieces of art work.

Price: $17.00

5. Mitchell Park Bio Domes, Milwaukee: If you need to get out of the cold Wisconsin weather then take a trip to the Domes, where they offer a vast array of environmental climates. Then you can go into the show dome where they put on a light show. It was so fun to see the kind of theatrics the Michell Park was able to put on.

Price: $7.00

6. Nature Walk's: Nature walks can be fun, especially if you are bundled up from your head to your toes. It's always a good idea to get some fresh air after being cooped up all winter.

7. Dave & Busters, Wauwatosa: Who doesn't love drinks & games? It's a fun place to let loose , relax and be a kid again.

Price: $10 = 48 CHIPS ⇒ +$2 (+12 CHIPS) Price: $20 = 100 CHIPS ⇒ +$3 (+25 CHIPS)

8. Movie Night, Any location: Who doesn't love a little netflix and chill? Lucky for us, Valentine's day falls on a $5.00 Tuesday. So go buy your 50 Shades of Grey tickets!

Price: $5:00

9. Bounce, Milwaukee: If you haven't gotten the hint, I love to re-live my childhood. Bounce offers laser tagging, rock climbing, bounces houses & they have a bar upstairs.

Price: Starts at $9.00.

10.Dinner Suggestion:

  • Cafe Manna- Vegan food. Try their mushroom burger, seriously delicious.

  • Matador Taco & Tequila Bar - Who doesn't love Mexican? They just opened down on the Third Ward & their prices are pretty reasonable.

  • Bonefish Grill- great sea food!

  • Stone Bowl: The best ramen in town!