• Valerie Angelica

Knee High Love

Do you want a cheaper alternative to those expensive $200 boots or a suggestion on how to incorporate those knee high socks you've never worn?

Well, knee high boots have been the buzz for the past couple years and finally made it into the fast fashion scene earlier this year. But personally it's hard to find a knee high boot that fits proportional on me. So, I tried making my own form fitting "knee high boots".

All you need is a cute pair of heels and comfortable knee high socks; see the suggestions on how to wear these DIY knee high boots.

I paired my ivory knee high socks with these chunky Tahari heels, a long sleeve peek-a-boo shoulder dress and a cozy vest. Perfect for a Sunday date at the Museum :)

The second way to wear these DIY knee high boots and feel super cozy is to pair it with a knit sweater, black BCBG booties & layering it with a couple necklaces.

And if you simply want a cute pair of knee high boots, then check out the below photos & it will send you directly to a link!